6609 Edith Boulevard Northeast
Albuquerque, NM 87113

About Us

While we are a fairly new locally owned and operated corporation, (April 1, 2006) we have a well established service history in New Mexico. We are the same technicians and managers that have been servicing customers for over thirty years in New Mexico, El Paso & West Texas.
New Mexico Contractors License # 93895
New Mexico permanent certificate # 253416
SBA # PO790877
NAICS Description # 23822
Duns # 781043083
GSA # GS-21F-0013V
Lobo source #UNM-507

We service all manufactures equipment. We install and service all HVAC equipment and associated components, from roof-top units to the largest chillers.

Our Service Solutions will provide the attention your projects and equipment deserve to increase total reliability, energy efficiency and assure all service and install project are completed per design and in a timely manner.

The existing service technicians are factory trained and are continuously upgrading their capabilities on the most current industry advances.
We have a winning game plan to revitalize old equipment and to keep new equipment running at its peak. The key to outstanding system performance is a service team that is in synch with your mission, objectives and people. Travers Mechanical Service is structured and staffed to execute your game plan to perfection.
  • Goal Oriented: We take the time to understand our customers, short and long term goals
  • Energy Solutions: Partnering with our customers allows us to supply maintenance and efficiency solutions that save our customers time and money
  • Predictive Service: We specialize in predictive testing to check performance on a regular basis in order to minimize costly repairs and prevent unexpected failures
  • Comprehensive Service Agreements: We offer a wide range of service agreements to fit the individual needs of our customers. The service agreements are structured to maximize equipment operating life and protect important investments
  • On-Site Training: Our technicians provide our clients operators and facility staff with extensive on-site HVAC system training
  • Minimize Downtime: We provide fast-response, 24/7/365 service. We identify problems quickly; communicate what we have found and correct problems in a cost effective and expedient manner.

What is Travers Mechanical Services?

We started Travers Mechanical Services as a veteran-owned small business on April 1, 2006. From those humble beginnings, Travers Mechanical has grown into one of the most respected HVAC service providers in New Mexico.

We have a well-established and proven service history in both Albuquerque and Santa Fe, as well as throughout New Mexico, with several of our technicians having serviced Greater New Mexico for over thirty-five years.

We presently have fourteen (14) full time journeymen HVAC service technicians and
two (2) control technicians. In addition, our technicians have extensive experience working in unique hospital and clinic environments, as well as adapting to the unique challenges these settings offer.

March 1, 2008 we started our new Hospital Division under the leadership of Mike Youngman. With his extensive qualifications, including certifications as a Certified Healthcare Facility Manager (CHFM), Certified Healthcare Constructor (CHC), and a General Building Contractor (GB98) license, he is uniquely qualified to lead projects in complex hospital environments with his broad knowledge, effectiveness, and applicable skills. Having experience in the design, construction, and maintenance of healthcare facilities as well as familiarity with the myriad of regulations that accompany them has given Travers Mechanical Services a reputation of competence and excellence in the high profile healthcare construction and service industry.

On April 1, 2011 we started our new building automation system (BAS) controls group
based on utilizing Computrols Controls. We are the official New Mexico Authorized Representatives for Computrols Controls. Justin Padilla is our controls division manager for the state of New Mexico. Justin is a graduate of the University of New Mexico with a degree in Electronic Engineering. Our controls division has the capabilities to service various manufacturers’ control systems.

We can service and repair all HVAC manufacturers’ equipment. We install and service all HVAC equipment as well as its associated components, from standard-sized roof-top units to the largest chillers and cooling towers. We also have full access to all manufacturers’ parts and equipment.

Travers Mechanical Services values our customer relationships as is very evident by our reputation. We strive daily to develop long lasting relationships with our existing customers that span over thirty years. Let our service solutions give your projects and equipment the attention they deserve. We will assure that all projects are completed per design and accomplished in a timely manner to increase total reliability and energy efficiency.

You will see that our goal is to provide you with the highest degree of integrity as we continue to build on our proven capabilities.